When buying from the manufacturer, you will need to pay shipping, VAT and release from customs. Importing cookers into Israel in bulk reduces the cost of shipping per item and therefore also the price for the customer. You also have the added benefit of being able to contact me directly for advice (in Hebrew, English or German if you like). If you need to return the cooker to the manufacturer, you will have to pay for return shipping to the country of origin which, unfortunately, is very expensive.

The SunTaste comes with a small booklet of recipes to get you started. But there are plenty of recipes on the internet. As an example   you may want to check out this link here where you can find many recipes for all kinds of solar cooking. If you have a specific question, please feel free to write to me info.sunandcook@gmail.com .

Please check out “terms and conditions” for the full legal description. In short, you are entitled to cancel your order within 14 days without giving any reason for doing so. In order for the goods to be eligible for a return, please make sure that the goods were purchased in the last 14 days.

For obtaining  reimbursement, the goods need to be returned to me in the original packaging and have not been used or damaged.


The warranty is given by the manufacturer. I will do my best to help out with warranty questions if need be, or even perform repair if possible. The warranty conditions depend on the declaration of the manufacturer as noted in the shop pages.

Generally, any cooking vessel that is painted black from the outside (for parabolic cookers, the pots should be black also from below), any dark color will work almost as well, such as dark brown or dark blue, but preferably not shiny (reflective). The lid can be black or glass. For the parabolic cooker, you should check the pot holders (on the side and the knob of the lid): if they are plastic, wrap some aluminum foil around them, as they might receive direct concentrated radiation that melts plastic. A heavy pot (like for a poike) made of cast iron will work, but it will take some time to heat up besides the food in the pot. On the other hand, food will stay warm longer in it. For faster cooking, a thin pot of steel (for example ‘granite’ ware – see here) or aluminum, will work well. You can even use Pyrex glass ware, if the food you are cooking does not happen to be white rice (it would reflect much of the radiation and take a long time).

Oven bags (such as for baking in a regular oven) are suitable and can be reused. Just make sure you get the large size so the cooking pot fits inside.

In Israel, you can use the solar cooker from April to November almost every day, and during the other months – on any clear day, even if it’s cold. You can find more details on the “number of possible cooking days” page (to be completed).

Not yet, but I am considering to offer such workshops near my location or elsewhere in the country, depending on demand. If you are interested – please write to me.

We only supply the local market, i.e., we ship only within Israel. Please contact the manufacturers for shipping anywhere in the world.