SUNPlicity Solar Cooker

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This is an ingenious parabolic cooker that folds into a flat rectangle for easy storage and transport. It is 2.8kg which is great for camping or picnicking. The full description can be found on the manufacturers web page here. It is a ‘fast’ cooker in the sense that you can cook and fry food almost as you would on a gas stove.



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Cooking pots: SUNplicity sells the solar cooker with or without pots. The reason Sun&Cook does not sell these pots has to do with the difficulty of getting Israel Standard Institute’s permission to do so. It is expensive to have the pots certified, and so we encourage you to use your own pots. For example, in one of the pictures you can see that we use a black kettle that is practical for boiling water (note that we wrapped the handle in Alufoil as it may get too hot to touch or so hot that plastic could melt). For cooking stew, rice, vegetables etc. and for regular cooking, we find a “granite ware” type cookware very practical, but any dark (preferably black) pot will work fine.

It can have a glass or solid (dark) lid, or it could work without a lid, for example see this video of a solar chef preparing a steak.

Setting it up: Before you set it up the first time, you must (the manufacturer insists on it!) watch the video available (on the Sunplicity website or see below) showing the assembly of the cooker. Once you get the hang of it, it takes just one or two minutes to set it up.

Videos showing the setup of the cooker: from the manufacturer website or a more recent demonstration by Dr. Alain Bigelow of Solar Cookers International who shows how easy the setup is. Please note that the cooker comes with “clips” as shown in the manufacturer’s website – it is optional to add them to the assembled cooker. They help forming the parabolic shape more accurately and improve the optical efficiency. My own experience is that it works fine without them most of the time.

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