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  • Please note that the cookers are sold without any cooking vessels.
  • The cooking vessels shown in the picture are only for demonstration.
  • You can get more detail at the manufacturers website : sunok website

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The SunTaste is a high quality box cooker from Portugal mostly made of cork which makes an excellent insulation and is an environmentally friendly material. Please visit the manufacturers website for more details about the cooker. This solar oven is of the “slow cooker” type as described here.

Cooking pots: SunOk used to sell the Suntaste with a cooking pot, but not anymore. Besides, the reason we do not sell these pots has to do with the difficulty of getting Israel Standard Institute’s permission to do so. It is expensive to have the pots certified, and so we encourage you to use your own pots. Any black (or dark brown or dark blue) pot (with a solid or glass lid) will work fine. For cooking stew, rice, vegetables etc. we find a “granite” type cookware very practical.

Price: The Suntaste comes in two sizes, a standard size and a larger cooker. The standard  (compact) cooker sells for 1500 NIS, while the larger one sells for 1800 NIS.

The prices include VAT, shipping by registered Israel Post costs 60NIS.

We ship only in Israel. Prices can change due to changes in the exchange rate, shipping and handling costs without prior notice.

Before purchasing, please ask me for an estimate for delivery.

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Large, Compact

4 reviews for SunTaste Cooker

  1. Daniel Feuermann

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  2. Daniel Feuermann

    I have used the SunTaste for over three years and it performs very well.

  3. mickey

    this is a test message

    • Daniel Feuermann

      thanks, Mickey

  4. Stephen Markscheid

    cooks great!

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