Terms and Conditions

Last updated: August 2, 2020


Terms of use and conditions

Welcome to the Sun&Cook website

  1. The following text describing the terms and conditions.
  2. We provide you here with a translation of the Hebrew version in English, though the Hebrew version is the legally determining one, available in this link.
  3. By using our website, you agree that the original Hebrew text shall prevail in the case of a dispute.


Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using our services.

  1. Definitions

For the purposes of all terms and conditions, the following words have a set definition.

The definition has the same meaning whether the words appear in the agreement in the singular or plural.

  • Company – (also known as “sun@cook”, “the company”, “we”, “us” or “our” in this agreement) – Sun&Cook, PO Box 3, Midreshet Ben Gurion, 8499000.
  • the state is Israel.
  • Device – Any device that has access to the company’s website services, such as: a computer, cell phone or tablet.
  • The service – this site and any product sold through it.
  • The product – products sold through the site.
  • Terms and Conditions (also known as “Terms”) – These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between you, the customers, and the company, regarding the use of the service.
  • Third Party Service – Any service or content (including data, information, products or services) provided by a third party that may be displayed, included or available by the Service.
  • Website – website https://www.sunandcook.co.il/?lang=en.
  • You – a person, company or legal entity on their behalf, who have access to or use the service.


  1. General

2.1. These terms and conditions apply to the use of this service and constitute an agreement between you and the company. The terms determine your rights and obligations regarding the use of the service.

2.2. The use of the website, the information and content displayed on it, is subject to the terms of use.

Browsing and use of the site will be considered as consent by the user to all such terms, conditions and notices as stated. It will be clarified that the user does not have to agree to what is stated in the terms of use, but if he does not agree to what is said in them, he must leave the site and not make use of it or the content displayed on it.

2.3. The division in the terms of use into sections and section titles is for convenience only and will not be used for interpretation purposes. All what is said in this document in the singular includes the plural in the same meaning.

2.4. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion.

2.5. Your access to the service and its use is also conditional on your consent to the company’s privacy policy and compliance with it. Our privacy policy includes the Company’s practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information when you use our website. The Privacy Policy details your rights to privacy and how the law protects them. Please read the privacy policy carefully before using our service.

2.6. By accessing the service, you declare that you are over 18. The company does not allow people under the age of 18 to use our service or products.

2.7. The company will be entitled, at its sole discretion, to update and / or cancel and / or remove a specific service, product or content from the site, from time to time, immediately and without prior notice and subject to applicable law, and the user will have no claim and / or demand in this regard.

2.8. The use of the website and the content offered on it is provided as is (As-is). All information and data contained on the site, including information about the products sold on it, are updated and correct only for the present time.

2.9. Customer Service. For more details about the site and its activities, you can contact the customer service of the site operator by e-mail: info.sunandcook@gmail.com

2.10. Links to other websites:

2.11. Our service may contain links to third party websites or services, which we do not own and control.

2.12. The company is not responsible for the content, privacy policy or terms of use of any third party websites and services. You agree that the Company will not be directly or indirectly responsible for any damage or loss caused, or claimed to have been caused, as a result of the use of products and services or reliance on content, by any third party.

2.13. We encourage you to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of any third-party websites or services you visit.


  1. Termination of access to the service and / or cancellation of an order on behalf of the company

3.1. We may terminate or suspend your access to the Site immediately without time limit and without prior notice, in the event that you violate these Terms. When we do so – your right to use the service will cease immediately.

3.2. The company, may cancel any order and / or prevent a user from purchasing on the site, by blocking it, including in any of the following cases, which do not constitute an exhaustive list:

3.2.1. The user committed an illegal act and / or violated the provisions of the law;

3.2.2. The user violated one of the terms of the regulations;

3.2.3. The customer provided misleading details during the order and / or afterwards, in writing or by telephone;

3.2.4. The user committed an act or omission that could harm the operator of the site and / or anyone on its behalf and / or the proper operation of the site and / or any of the suppliers and / or any third party;

3.2.5. The buyer intends to resell the product or service in which he will gain from a third party and / or trade in it.

3.2.6. In the event that the product description contains an unusual and obvious error at face value, whether in the product price or in the product description;

3.3. Notice of cancellation of the order can be sent to the customer by phone and / or in writing to the e-mail address provided at the time of ordering.


  1. Intellectual Property

4.1. Do not copy the contents of the site. Among other things, and without derogating from the provisions of any law, the content appearing on the site may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, published or used in any other way unless the company has given its consent, in writing and in advance.

4.2. The rights of third parties must not be violated. It is strictly forbidden to copy and / or publish images and / or trademarks and / or specifications and / or videos from the site and / or the site without prior written permission from the company or the appropriate rights holder.

4.3. The site may not be used in a manner that constitutes or may constitute a violation or infringement of the company’s intellectual property, without its express written consent in advance.


  1. Shipping and shipping costs

5.1. We ship our products only throughout Israel, through a registered Israel Postal Service and / or through another courier company on our behalf, at our sole discretion.

5.2. The delivery of the products to the customer’s home through the postal service will be in accordance with the terms of the Israel Postal Company and subject to their distribution areas.

5.3. The products will be shipped to the address you specify as the shipping address when ordering.

5.4. Delivery and transportation to restricted areas. In areas where access is restricted from a security point of view as defined from time to time by the security system and / or law enforcement agencies, the company will be allowed to deliver the products to the customer at an acceptable nearby location, which will be coordinated with him in advance. It is clarified that in some localities, the delivery service of the Israel Post and / or the courier company is carried out up to the post office closest to the customer’s place of residence.

5.5. You are responsible for giving us the correct address details including special shipping instructions.

5.6. Sun&Cook and / or Israel Post and / or other couriers on our behalf, are not responsible in any way for products left at a particular address, in accordance with the special shipping instructions, if no one is at that address to sign their receipt.

5.7. You warrant that someone on your behalf will be at the delivery address to sign the receipt of the product (otherwise, see note on product returns below).


  1. Delivery times

6.1. The date of delivery of the product to the customer depends on the terms of the Israel Post and / or the courier company on our behalf, and usually takes place within 3-5 working days from the date of receipt of the order and payment, unless otherwise stated.

6.2. If you want the shipment to arrive on time, please send us an email and we will try to meet the times to the best of our ability. It will be clarified that our offer does not warrant a precise delivery date.

6.3. Delay and delay in delivery. The company and / or anyone on its behalf are not responsible to the customer for a delay that does not exceed 7 business days from the date the customer gave an orderly notice regarding the delay in receiving the product. Notice of delay will be given to the company by the customer within a reasonable period of time, and in any case no later than 72 hours from the expiration of the set delivery date.

6.4. If a customer does not inform the company about the delay in receiving the product within a reasonable period of time from the set delivery date, the customer will be considered to have received the product. The customer hereby waives any claim, claim and / or demand, of any kind and type, towards the operator of the site, due to the non-delivery of the same product and / or its late delivery.


  1. Item that was returned (unsuccessful delivery)


7.1. In case the delivery failed, for any reason, not through the fault of the company or the couriers of Israel Post and / or another courier company (for example: you are not at the address for receiving the product and signing the receipt or did not collect the product from the post office or company warehouses within the stipulated time). The products will be returned to. Sun&Cook.

7.2. In this case – additional delivery will be made upon receipt of payment for another new delivery, plus a handling fee of 25 NIS. Alternatively, if the product is not required and / or the transaction is canceled, a refund will be issued for the product less shipping and packaging fees for the returned product.


  1. Safety precautions while using solar cookers


8.1. When using solar cookers, you must follow the instructions given to you with the product.

Solar ovens can reach a high temperature and you are responsible for the safety while using the product.

8.2. If you are new to solar cooking, you must understand in advance how to use solar ovens in a controlled way – in the parabolic solar oven, where the temperature can reach the temperature of a frying pan on a regular stove, or in the box solar oven that can also reach up to 150 degrees Celsius.

8.3. The use of the product is intended for adults over the age of 18 who have the ability to use the product without any risk. We would like to emphasize and remind, that not to look at the sun directly and that looking directly at the sun poses a real risk to eye health.

8.4. When ordering from us you take full responsibility for any use of the product, including use of any kind and type, including by a third party who may not be aware of the strength of the product and the temperature it can reach.

  1. Product warranty

9.1. Products purchased on our site, which are not manufactured by us, have a manufacturer’s warranty.

We will provide you with a link to the original manufacturer, for each product you purchase through us, so you can check its warranty terms. We will support you in your claims against the manufacturer, but we will not be liable for any damage, of any kind and type, whether legal fees, financial expenses, complaint or otherwise.

9.2. In case you received a defective product, please contact us immediately. We will replace goods with a manufacturing defect, which were not damaged by normal use, within one year from the date of receipt of the product by you, if the product is in our stock.

9.3. If a replacement product is not available, we will issue a refund in exchange for returning the product. We reserve the right to inspect the returned item before issuing the refund and decide if a refund is indeed needed. It should be emphasized that in any case the refund amount will not exceed the purchase amount.

9.4. The company and / or anyone on its behalf, will not bear any responsibility, for damage and / or loss, direct or indirect, including incidental, consequential, accidental damages or punitive damages (including, and without derogating from the aforesaid generality, compensation for loss of work and business, loss of profits , Interruptions and disruptions to work, loss and / or loss of business information, damage to reputation, and any loss and / or other financial damage, expected and unexpected), arising from and / or related to, the site, or any content and / or product on it, or any use in them.

  1. Product description, availability and prices

10.1. The description and price of the product you order will appear on the website at the time of ordering.

The sole purpose of the listings and product specifications included on the site is to give you, the consumers, an approximate idea of ​​the product described, in accordance with the data published by the manufacturers. They do not form part of this agreement.

10.2. The delivery of the products is subject to their availability. In the event that an order is received for a product that is not available in stock, we will notify you as soon as possible and refund or credit you for any amount paid by you or charged to your credit card for the product.

10.3. Every effort is made to ensure that the prices displayed to you on the website, when placing your order, are the exact prices. If a price error is discovered, we will notify you as soon as possible and offer you the option to re-confirm the order, at the updated price, or cancel it. If you choose to cancel – we will refund or credit you for any amount paid by you or charged to your credit card for the products.

10.4. The site may contain inaccuracies or errors and the user declares that he is aware that it is not possible to prevent errors, defects and errors in the content and / or the way they are transmitted.

10.5. There is no purchase agreement between you and us, until the order has been received by us and a written confirmation or email has been sent to your email you specified in the order. The purchase agreement is subject to your right to cancel it, by law. We reserve the right to refuse to accept an order from any person or company, at our full discretion.

  1. Limitation of Liability

11.1. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the Company is not responsible for any loss, injury or direct, indirect, unique or consequential damage caused as a result of using the product sold on this site. The use of the service and the product is your sole responsibility as well as the awareness and observance of state laws or local law.

11.2. The company will not bear any responsibility or liability except as expressly stated in this agreement and in accordance with the provisions of the law which must not be stipulated. The liability of the site operator, in any case, will be limited to the maximum extent permitted by the provisions of any law. This does not detract from any binding provision of law, including the Consumer Protection Law, 1981.

11.3. The company will not be responsible for the content published in copy from the publication of the manufacturers (of the devices) and / or content in the links that exist on our site and that lead to other sites.

11.4. The company will not be liable for any damage caused in connection with or following the use of the site, including in respect of any act and / or omission of the customer, when using the product or when ordering from the product supplier or the manufacturer.

In the event that certain States do not permit the exceptions or restrictions as aforesaid, the exceptions and limitations mentioned above will not apply in full, but only to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

  1. Disclaimer

12.1. The use of the website and the products you have purchased from us are your sole and complete responsibility. The service on the site can be used as is (AS IS). And the company will not be responsible for adapting the service or product to your needs.

12.2. You will not have any claim, entitlement or demand towards the company regarding the service features on the site, and / or the product’s capabilities, limitations or suitability to your requirements.

12.3. The company makes every effort to provide you with proper and high quality service. However, the company does not guarantee that the service on the site will take place without interruption or disturbance and without errors, and will be immune from unauthorized access, viruses, damage, malfunctions or failures – including malfunctions in the hardware, software or communication lines to the site – by the site management or suppliers .

12.4. The company will not bear any responsibility for the damage caused to you or any third party due to the use of the services of this site and / or the information appearing in the service. “Damage” in this section means any damage, whether directly or indirectly, including damage caused as a result of relying on the information appearing in the service, incorrect and / or misleading information appearing in the service, temporary or permanent disruption of the service or use of applications and software applications operated as a result of using the service.

  1. Use of “Cookies”

13.1. The site may use “cookies”, “web beacons”, pixels, and other systems that collect information and monitor the use of the site, at the sole discretion of the company.

13.2. “Cookies” are strings of letters and numbers, which are stored in the computer’s memory (or the device with which the website is used), and allow information about you to be stored. Some cookies will expire when you finish browsing and close your browser software, and others will be stored in the memory of your computer (or device).

13.3. Cookies contain information about your browsing habits, the pages you visited, the length of time you were on the site, where you came from, information you want to see when entering the site, monitoring browsing and activity habits, your ISP information, IP address, device location, And more.

13.4. Cookies are used for various purposes: collecting statistics, verifying details, adjusting the site to your personal preferences, monitoring browsing habits and activities, browsing history, characterizing your use of the site, improving the service and user experience, information security, and other purposes.

13.5. Some of the cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the website, some are used for the purposes of control, evaluation and analysis, and some are used for personalization of content.

13.6. Some of the cookies and other systems that operate on the site may be operated by third parties, or as part of the service provided by those third parties within the site. Any use that these third parties make of cookies, network beacons, or any other similar technology is subject to their privacy policies.

13.7. Deleting cookies and stopping their use:

You can delete, or completely stop using cookies, by changing the settings in your web browser. Disabling the use of cookies may impair your use of some of the website and the services contained therein, as well as the quality of browsing and other activities.

  1. The law

14.1. The interpretation and enforcement of these Terms and / or any action or dispute arising therefrom and / or from the use of the Website and / or the purchase and use of the Product, shall be made in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, and will be clarified, if necessary, in the competent courts.

14.2. The use of the products may be subject to local, national or international laws.

  1. Dispute Resolution

15.1. Using the site and / or purchasing a product through it constitutes the user’s consent that in any case where the user has a complaint about the service and / or the product and / or a dispute has arisen, then the user undertakes to first resolve the dispute informally – by contacting the company.

  1. Separation and waiver

16.1. If a provision of the Terms of Use is determined by the court to be illegal and / or invalid, then this will not invalidate the other provisions of the Terms of Use and / or the other parts of the same provision that was revoked and / or reduced by the court, which were not revoked or were reduced.

16.2. Any stay of the company’s existence of a right to which it is entitled or its non-compliance with a right to which it is entitled under the terms of use or according to law, is before the rule of law only and will not be used or considered a waiver by the company of such right.

  1. Change of Terms and Conditions of Use

17.1. The company reserves the right to add, change, derogate and replace at any time the provisions of the detailed terms of use, in whole or in part, at its discretion, and without obtaining the consent of the users, in a notice published on the site.

17.2. The binding wording of the Terms of Use are those that appear from time to time on the Website.

17.3. It is the user’s responsibility to keep abreast of changes that have occurred, if any, in the Terms of Use.

17.4. Continued use of the website after making such a change will constitute evidence of the user’s approval regarding the acceptance of the changes.

  1. Contact us

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us by email: info.sunandcook@gmail.com